Direct Military Action

Direct Military Action

What is it good for?

This Interest represents Effort used to strike back, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the opposition forces using violent methods.

Who among the resistance might support this?

There cannot be victory against the forces which have usurped our democratic republic with the use of peace. Non-violent protests have done nothing but set the resistance efforts back. Violent opposition to tyranny was a core tenet of the first resistance and the founding fathers of our great country. Many of those who joined the resistance called for direct military action against the enemy, and it remains a common cause among them. Those supporting this cause hold coveted Military Victories, won between Seasons and resulting in major gains for the resistance, as their goal.

What are their Occurrences like / What are their goals during a Seasonal Event?

First, remember that Occurrences are goals that all contributors to an Interest share. Only contributors to an Interest are aware of these shared goals, though any participant may guess them- and they are worth bonus points when achieved. For more information on Occurrences, please click here

Character's that contribute their effort to Direct Military Action will benefit during Seasonal events when Pre-Planned Operations are run successfully, New Operations are developed and approved by the Council, War Games are considered a success, or an Authorization for Attack is authorized by the Council.

Being Influential has its Perks

Influential contributors to Direct Military Action receive commendations from the True Federal Government contact, which can include a Presidential Pardon. If a military victory was achieved during the Season, Influential contributors were directly involved and may gain free Labor.

Who might oppose this Interest?

Many oppose violence since it can lead to unintended casualties or other unknown consequences. However, most recognize on some level that violence against the enemy is necessary- where they differ is in the timing and application of violence. Many would argue against the poor timing of violence as it can turn the civilian population against the resistance and may be ineffectual in some cases.

Direct Military Action

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