Following the end of a Seasonal event, all characters will choose where to put their Effort. The causes that are most important to the participants will become apparent after all contributors have allocated their Effort. These decisions, made by the group and tracked using our online database, will have consequences both good and bad which the entire population must be deal with. Effort represents your hard work and labor throughout the Season, often spent motivating and organizing the remaining Population. You are usually given three Effort points per Season and they can be spent on any Interests or Passions in whatever way you desire.

Types of Effort

As mentioned above.

Labor is the Effort given to you by “non player characters” of the remaining Population that you purchase with in-game currency. Labor acts just like Effort except that the in-game currency cost and sometimes the effectiveness of Labor may fluctuate.

Investment is semi-permanent Effort you posses in an Interest. All Investments will degrade and expire 365 days from the date you gained them (or following a Seasonal event if this would occur mid-event), but typically do stack if gained from multiple sources. Certain events relating may cause Effort of this type to be lost.

Bonus Effort is Effort given from any other source, including synergy or unknown sources and is intended to be very rare. It usually has an expiration following the Season it was gained, but there are no limits to the duration. Effort of this type may be removed without notice.

Decay is the natural loss of Effort in an Interest over time. It causes the varied loss of accrued Effort in all Interests, Special Interests, and Passions at the start of every Season before any Effort has been spent.


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