What is it good for?

The goals of this Interest include keeping the communities the resistance forces come from fed and able to fight, as well as providing them much needed medicine or other supplies. Ideally, the communities are avoiding starvation and have the necessary supplies and education to remain self sufficient. This relates specifically to the communities of the southeast United States in our setting.

Who among the resistance might support this?

The distinction between the enemy and the civilian population that supports them unknowingly is important to Humanitarians. They do not desire to see needless casualties, starvation of the people, or tyranny. Those who lend their effort to this cause wish to heal the wounds of our country and make it safe for all. While they may be accused of being "soft" the truth is Humanitarians have strong loyalty to the resistance and their goal of deposing the menace that now controls our government. Many moralists find themselves among the voices that espouse this cause. Kindness is something the people are unlikely to forget and gains to popular support from Humanitarianism go very far.

What are their Occurrences like / What are their goals during a Seasonal Event?

First, remember that Occurrences are goals that all contributors to an Interest share. Only contributors to an Interest are aware of these shared goals, though any participant may guess them- and they are worth bonus points when achieved. For more information on Occurrences, please click here

Character's that contribute their effort to Humanitarianism will benefit during Seasonal events when the Council votes to Approve Humanitarianism Efforts, when A Great Feast is held successfully, or when a Seasonal event ends without any deaths (infiltrator or resistance, accidental or verdict).

Being Influential has its Perks

Influential contributors to the Humanitarian Interest receive many of the bonuses of the Family passion as a free synergy. Though their time may not be focused on family their desire to do for others draws extreme loyalty to them from those around them.

Loss of Appetite: If an Influential contributor to the Humanitarian Interest (or Special Interest) dies during a Seasonal event- the Humanitarianism Interest (and all Special Interests relating to it) reset their Effort totals by process of Decay to zero.

Who might oppose this Interest?

Very few would oppose treating the population fairly, since this is where new recruits are drawn from. However, there are many who oppose the expensive and risky feats often required in order to provide proper humanitarian aid. Medicine must be made and with few scientists in their ranks the resistance would have to kidnap a government or civilian scientist and force them to do the research. Some would suggest stealing food or other supplies, but this is just as inherently risky to the lives of resistance members.


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