Put very simply, Interests are different social and political causes that individual characters may devote their Effort towards. They are the most relevant causes to the in-game resistance and typically benefit everyone in some way.


An Occurrence, put simply, is something unique that happens during the Seasonal event. These can usually only be achieved by participant action and whether or not they were fully achieved is up to the judgment of the True Federal Government contact. Interests can also have Bonus Effort directed towards them if players complete the three Occurrences assigned to the Interest that Season during the event. Occurrences are weighted-but-randomized objectives shared by all contributors to an Interest and known by all contributors. There will always be three unique Occurrences for every Interest every Season. 

The Bonus Effort contribution of the Occurrence is high, medium or low. These values will be randomly assigned and the Occurrences themselves are also randomly chosen from a list unique to each Interest. 

Lastly, For each Special Interest formed with an Effort total higher than the original Interest the original Interest receives a single Bonus Effort.


All Interests will naturally have individuals who have contributed the most Effort and are therefore seen as the most Influential individuals supporting that cause. The population will follow their lead and their voice carries weight on this issue.

Influentials obey the following special conditions;

  • There may only be one Influential per 10 individual contributors to an Interest per Season.
  • Their identity as an Influential is known to all participants but their contribution total remains a secret.
  • Influential's from Special Interests are always given precedence when choosing Councilors.

Special Interest

When a handful of individuals want more control over the social and political direction of a specific Interest, or they want to narrow its focus to a more precise cause or group, they form a Special Interest. Passions are not eligible. After formation the contributors, and especially the Special Interest's Benefactor, should begin to request other's devote their Effort towards this cause. If a Special Interest has a higher total contribution than the Interest it originated from then it's Influentials are considered Councilors and are eligible to be chosen for the Tribunal.

For a Special Interest to form, the following must occur;

  • The specific Interest must have had at least 10 unique contributors in the previous and concluded Season.
  • An individual chooses to form a Special Interest, allocating 1 Effort.
  • The individual chooses a name for the Special Interest and declares which character is the Benefactor.


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