What is it good for?

This interest aims to win the hearts and minds of the non-combatant civilian population and unite the diverse individuals within the resistance towards a common goal.

Who among the resistance might support this?

It is often said that the winners write history. The government is able to maintain the illusion that it is duly elected and in control and so long as the resistance remains the underdogs their activities, military or otherwise, can be characterized as terrorism- turning the population and their fellow Americans against them. It is important for the resistance not to allow its enemies to control the narrative like this and propaganda serves to educate the civilian population and also to keep morale high in the face of opposition. Men will not fight without belief that they can win. They cannot believe their cause is hopeless. Some members of the resistance are former journalists, tv personalities, or celebrities. Many more brought with them skills of videography and photography. They understand that commitment to the resistance must come first and above all else. In many ways those with unwavering loyalty to the resistance often find themselves supporting this cause.

What are their Occurrences like / What are their goals during a Seasonal Event?

First, remember that Occurrences are goals that all contributors to an Interest share. Only contributors to an Interest are aware of these shared goals, though any participant may guess them- and they are worth bonus points when achieved. For more information on Occurrences, please click here

Character's that contribute their effort to Propaganda will benefit during Seasonal events when Official News Reports are published which may include Interviews with Councilors and Justices, Federal Contact Crisis are solved, Infiltrators are captured and executed, or major works of art/media are released.

Being Influential has its Perks

Influential contributors to Propaganda interest may obstruct the identity and efforts of a single Influential contributor of any other Interest of their choosing, effectively removing them from position as Councilor. This cannot be performed against Benefactors, however who are more than simply the voice in the moment. Through deduction the Influential participant will know that a(n) Influential Propagandist obstructed them. Alternatively, the Influential propagandist may obstruct their own identity- which also prevents them from being a Councilor. They may not perform this action regarding themselves if they are a Benefactor of a Propaganda Special Interest.

Who might oppose this Interest?

There are natural dangers to towing the line which includes the risk of your soldiers no longer seeing the enemy as human, or believing that victory is close at hand and efforts can relax, or the misuse of blind obedience by commanders. Devoting time to the resistance often means less time with ones family and propagandists are known to have trouble with those resistance members who devote much of their effort to the Family passion. Additionally, there are those who value faith and tradition. Those of the Religious Traditions Interest will often be in opposition to Propagandist efforts.


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