The Yearly Agenda

Primary Event Scheduling

Scheduling events for The Conspiracy is a major task. This page will not contain the Event Schedule but will discuss the terms you may hear used concerning the scheduled events. For information on currently scheduled events, see the relevant forum.

Seasonal Events

The Conspiracy will host four seasonal events per year occurring in October, January, April, and July. Each Seasonal Event will begin on the chosen Friday afternoon and completing on the following Sunday morning.

Attendance Fee

The Conspiracy will have an ideal cost to participants of $10.00 for attendance per Season. This represents your "ticket" to attend the event and will entitle you to Effort/Interest expenditures in the online database.


The Conspiracy will allow for a limited number of participants. Registration can be done up to 365 days in advance and will allow on a first come, first serve basis.


The four seasonal events compose a year within the game, and will be referred to as the "Year" followed by its relevant number. For instance, October 2017-October 2018 will be Year One of the game, while October 2018-October 2019 will be Year Two.

Four-Day Event

The Seasonal Event for October 2018, October 2019, and every October thereafter will be a four day event beginning on the chosen Thursday afternoon and completing on the following Sunday morning.

Other Types of Events


In addition to the drama and success of each Year, there are unique story milestones built in to occur during Year(s) Four, Eight, Twelve, and Sixteen.


Workshops are get togethers in which participants seek to brainstorm on their characters, work on costuming, or discuss the culture of the game. Workshops can be scheduled by any member at any time, and members are encouraged to host workshops at their home since this brings the community together and will benefit all.

Officially scheduled workshops will often feature a member of the game's volunteer staff who can answer questions or may lead the workshop.


Socials are exactly what they sound like, an opportunity for the community to come together and play outside of The Conspiracy. Though topics are often going to wander towards our mutually beloved game these socials, like all events, are open to the public and members alike.

The Yearly Agenda

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