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  • Interests


    Put very simply, Interests are different social and political causes that individual characters may devote their Effort towards. They are the most relevant causes to the in-game resistance and typically benefit everyone …

  • Effort


    Following the end of a Seasonal event, all characters will choose where to put their Effort. The causes that are most important to the participants will become apparent after all contributors have allocated their Effort. These …

  • Passions


    Like Interests a character may devote their Effort towards them.  Unlike Interests, these social and political causes are typically not relevant to the in-game resistance because their impact effects only the …

  • Operational Security

    Operational Security

    What is it good for?

    This Interest maintains the integrity of the operatives, delegates, and councilors of the resistance forces to meet without being detected by the government or being interfered with by …

  • Direct Military Action

    Direct Military Action

    What is it good for?

    This Interest represents Effort used to strike back, disrupt, or otherwise interfere with the opposition forces using violent methods.

    Who among the resistance might support …

  • Reconnaissance


    What is it good for?

    This Interest represents effort being put towards civilian and military intelligence which can determine the specifics of an enemy attack, provide insight before the Council approves Direct …

  • Propaganda


    What is it good for?

    This interest aims to win the hearts and minds of the non-combatant civilian population and unite the diverse individuals within the resistance towards a common goal.

    Who among the …

  • Humanitarianism


    What is it good for?

    The goals of this Interest include keeping the communities the resistance forces come from fed and able to fight, as well as providing them much needed medicine or other supplies. Ideally, …

  • Health Conditions

    Health Conditions

    Health Conditions are temporary bonuses or penalties applied to your character. They may impose roleplay requirements, roleplay requests, or Effort penalties.

    Confirming diagnosis of a condition?

  • Religious Traditions

    Religious Traditions

    What is it good for?

    Religion is a universal language of the American experience and traditionally it has been one of the most effective methods to gain support and cooperation. While the United States …

  • Xenos Research

    Xenos Research

    What is it good for?

    This Interest represents collection of technology and information which can be used to scientifically discover more about the nature of what humanity is facing and the depth of its …