Religious Traditions

Religious Traditions

What is it good for?

Religion is a universal language of the American experience and traditionally it has been one of the most effective methods to gain support and cooperation. While the United States government has traditionally been secular, the impact that religion has had on America is undeniable. This Interest represents Effort focused on gaining the support of the population by using the persuasive and binding power of faith. While America has traditionally been argued to have foundations in Christianity this Interest covers any and all religions. Individual religions can be represented by Special Interests. 

Who among the resistance might support this?

Most members of the resistance join with a previous religion of some kind. Americans on average are religious, though their natural skepticism and pioneering scientific spirit tends to move them towards less formal religions and spirituality. Resistance members lending their effort here are trying to build support among the religious communities and educate them to the threat we face. Of course, the religious would like to see their morality and their virtues exemplified in law. Many religious people often tend to be humanitarian by nature as well. 

What are their Occurrences like / What are their goals during a Seasonal Event?

First, remember that Occurrences are goals that all contributors to an Interest share. Only contributors to an Interest are aware of these shared goals, though any participant may guess them- and they are worth bonus points when achieved. For more information on Occurrences, please click here

Character's that contribute their effort to Religious Traditions will benefit during Seasonal events when the Council approves of religious outreach or religious propaganda, when mass is held on the Saturday of a seasonal event, or when a legislative prayer is held by the Council.

Being Influential has its Perks

Influential contributors to the Religious Traditions Interest receive many of the bonuses of the Family passion as a free synergy. Through their time focused on their community their benefit greatly from the charity and compassion of others. Additionally, they receive some of the benefits of Wealth donated to the each Season.

Who might oppose this Interest?

While few would openly oppose the religion of others though some Liberty minded individuals may find difficulty accepting any religious traditions having an impact on the government and resistance forces. Additionally, religious factions themselves often find reason for disagreement.

Religious Traditions

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