Xenos Research

Xenos Research

What is it good for?

This Interest represents collection of technology and information which can be used to scientifically discover more about the nature of what humanity is facing and the depth of its control over the United States government. Focusing on this trait will directly lead to recovering information, samples, and technology. The resistance depends upon the True Federal Government's scientists and laboratories to decipher and make use of the information.

Who among the resistance might support this?

There were once major government programs which could intercept all electronic data, filter it, and bring the information the attention of agents. It has been agreed by many that you cannot win a modern war without air support, logistics, satellite control and global positioning. Technology of this kind is not always available to the resistance and true federal government. Traitors that see themselves as Patriots serve as the most notable contributors to this goal- and they were often called "whistleblower" during the resistance' early days. Many scientists have been drawn to analyze the data given- but even a common soldier can see the advantage in understanding and utilizing the enemies technology and tactics.

What are their Occurrences like / What are their goals during a Seasonal Event?

First, remember that Occurrences are goals that all contributors to an Interest share. Only contributors to an Interest are aware of these shared goals, though any participant may guess them- and they are worth bonus points when achieved. For more information on Occurrences, please click here

Character's that contribute their effort to Xenos Research will benefit during Seasonal events by collecting cheek swabs from suspected infiltrators to be later studied.

Being Influential has its Perks

Influential contributors to Xenos Research

Who might oppose this Interest?

While no one would be upset by the idea of better understanding the enemy, some resistance members see using already scarce time and manpower toward Xenos research as a costly venture that doesn't guarantee any benefit. These resistance members would rather see effort devoted toward more tangible measures.

Xenos Research

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